Monday, April 19, 2010

Finding Your Passion (part 2)

As I was laying in bed last night, I got to thinking that the title for yesterday's entry was related only by what was in my head. I would NEVER ask someone to dive into my brain. That is a very scarey place. So...let me clarify.

If our journey for weight loss and/or overall health is based ONLY on finding a cute bathing suit, or even becoming more shapely (or muscular for the men out there), then the posibility of the effects not being long lasting are increased. Bathing suits are only vaulable for a season, and with time, shape and muscles are much less important. These things, though not necessarily wrong, are temporal.

However, if many of our reasons for this journey are set outside of ourselves: to inspire others, to teach other people, and above all to honor the Lord...those things are infinite; they transcend time, leaving a legacy. These things are eternal.

For me, this journey is for both self-centered, and non-self centered. I don't mean "self-centered" in a negative way. I simply mean that the reasons and goals are centered around me: being able to move without pain, to not be held captive to old habits, to have more energy, etc. Non-self centered: To encourage and inspire other people, to show that Jesus died that we could live an abundant life and being slave to unhealthy habits and decisions isn't it.

I've been a musician most of my life. Through singing, I have provided entertainment value to many. I've received awards, commendations and standing ovations. And to be totally honest, those things were nice...for that moment. But for someone to say to me "Thank you for inspiring me," - There is nothing that tops that. For a friend to say, "Thank you for being committed to me..." - it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Clothes, brand name shoes, fancy cars are nice...for the moment. But to change someone's life, that, my friend, lasts a lifetime.

So, find your passion. What is it that you could talk about for hours, and that gets you so excited you can barely contain yourself? "Find your passion and make it your profession, and you'll never work again" - Janice Rockett

Lets run together with perseverance this race that is marked, and throw off everything that holds us back...EVERYTHING!

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