Monday, August 30, 2010

Countdown: 6 days

Well, the week of the race is here. After many long months of walking, and learning to run - the race week is here. I can't believe it. It seems more sureal now than before to tell people that I'm going to run in a half-marathon. Everyone I've talked to is very excited...then when I tell them it's on my birthday...that really seals the deal. Sometimes, I can't believe it myself.

On May 12, I made the declaration for all to read that I would be participating in the Virginia Beach Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. It was the next day that my true training began, but it wasn't until 2 weeks ago, when some great friends of mine, completed 11 consecutive miles, that I really understood what I'd signed up for.

To me, who has never really been an "athlete" - this will be a great accomplishment. When I cross the finish line, it will be because of committment and pure determination, not because I have the talent, gift, or physique. I am, everyday, learning to make better choices - and sometimes I fail miserably. But I will run this race with perseverance. I will cross that finish line sweaty and smily (and probably tearful).

Thank you to all who have been there from the start, cheering and pushing me, always encouraging me - especially when I didn't think I could possibly take another step. You will be with me along the course, for sure!


  1. All I gotta say is...YOU GO GIRL!! I've always knew that you could do it and now we can say that you are doing it!! Keep up the great work!
    Continuing to cheer you on....
    @)---- Your cheerleader