Monday, August 2, 2010

Lots Going on

It was been a VERY long time since my last entry. A lot has been going on - some good, some bad, some painful. I have had a few injury set backs, that forced me to not train...But I'm still going!

My short weekleys have allowed me to jog a mile consistantly. The humidity allows me to go no futher. I have added a leg circuit at the gym twice a week to help strengthen my knees, which has helped tremendously.

I have also been graced with a weekend walking buddy. He and I have ventured into trail walking/jogging. I've never done it before, and the first Saturday was torture on my legs, but the next day - recovery time was much faster.

This past Saturday, we hit the trails again, for my longest distance to date of 7 miles (in 2h12m). Trails are much different than the pavement. To me, it would almost be like training to run with ankle weights or in water. Really tough, but beneficial.

On August 21 or 22 - i'm planning a 15 miles walk/jog. That way I'll have a pretty good idea of what my body will do in Virginia Beach.

My overall training has been most consistant than ever (as compared to my lame attempts in my life). However, there is always room to strive, push, and challenge. At the end of the finish line - i will not be done. This will be a lifetime thing. Perhaps, I'll be fit enough to run (yes, I said run) a full 26-mile marathon. Wouldn't that be something?!?

Until then - learning to throw off all that hinders, one painful step at a time.

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