Monday, March 29, 2010

Judgment Lapse

This past week was a rough one on the scales. I gained 3.5 lbs. Even though I was working out, I was making really bad food choices, not really paying much attention to WW points. For about 3 days, I simply didn't care what went into my body. I wasn't drinking enough water, had too much coffee, sweets, and other delectibles.

I know that this race we're running is multi-facited journey, with lots of terrain changes. Sometimes it's a straight-away. It's low impact, breeze blowin, sun just coming up over the horizon. We're just poundin away at the pavements, not really thinking about what we are doing. Sometimes, it's downhill. A little more thought intensive: try not to speed up, and sit back a little more to keep pressure off of the knees. Still low impact, and makes us think we are not working as hard. But sometimes, it's an uphill battle. This, i think, is the most mentally draining phase of our race. More energy is used, strides have to be longer, we try not to drop out head and shoulders. Muscles burn, lungs burn...sometimes eyes burn from tears - trying to train the brain to obey. But even amidst this choas, this is the phase where we learn the most and triumph.

I take full responsibility for my lapse in judgment this past week. No one else shoved chocolate into my mouth...I did it all by myself...i'm a big girl! But, here is something that I observed. At night, when I'm really tired - I tend to not really care what I put in my mouth...and I want to eat all the time. Solution...GO TO BED!!! Also, when I'm home by myself, i tend to want to eat to pass the time...Solution: Go outside, to a coffee shop, to the lake...something other than sitting at home.

Life is NOT easy, and those who think it is...aren't truly living!

Let us (you and me) run with perserverance this race of life that has been marked for us - and throw off EVERYTHING that holds us back.


  1. GIRL! I know what you're going through! This is just a minor set-back, get your ass in gear and keep working hard!

  2. You speak many truths! Let us indeed run the race and shed everything that holds us back :-)