Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Small Set-back

In conjunction with working out, I'm also going to Weight Watchers (WW). I've tried WW before, and they have really revamped their program. I personally think it's the best out there, a nutshell, it helps you to prioritize foods by assigning points. The foods that are good for you are lower in points, while the foods that are not-so-good for you have a higher point value.

In a totally honest moment here - I've not been very good about keeping track of the points I eat each day - for no other reason than laziness. I must do better if I'm to truly be successful.

In November of last year, I stopped going to WW. First it was because the week led to 2, 2 weeks led to 4 - and before I knew had been 3 months since I'd been to a weigh-in or meeting. In that 3 month span, I caught a pretty nasty cold and had to go to the doctor. When they weighed me - I had gained 11 pounds. I had been working with my trainer 3 weeks, before I went back to WW - and hand lost the 11 lbs.

Here's the set-back...when I went to WW this past Saturday, I had gained 2.8lbs. I can pinpoint the gain to several things, a few of which were not in my control...but the majority were. Such as...portion sizes and 2nd helpings...these kill me. My brain tells me that I actually need more to be satisfied than I actually do. Another thing that I think resulted in the gain was not eating breakfast. I had been eating breakfast faithfully every morning, except for last week, when I ran out of my peanut butter crackers and string cheese. Good reason? NOPE! Exuse? You betcha...but an honest one.

For the first time in my 29 years, exercise is not the issue (thanks, Coach!). So, here is my committment: I will track my food and point values today through friday. Saturday, I'll weigh in. Then the goal will be to track my points 4 days a week to start. I'm sure that people will think that this tracking is cumbersome - and it might be...but it is a great step in becomeing fully aware of oneself and what exactly goes into the body. We can do this!!

Let us run with perserverance the race marked out for us, and throw of EVERYTHING that so easily entangles.

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  1. Oh Courtney... so good to hear from you, even if via blog. I miss you. We need to fix that.