Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Anonymous Comment -

I don't think that I have ever been so humbled and honored. Thank you for your kind words of encouragment. Your new committment has inspired my heart. When I started this journey 41 entries ago - my heart's desire was to inspire people to start their own journey; to help encouragment and challenge them to take strides of faith. But in all honesty, I didnt' really think it would happen. It was a nice dream and desire, but I had no idea that this tiny blog would have the effect that is has.

If I could offer 1 piece of advice for your new journey, it would be this: find someone you trust and can count on to run this race and train with. Also, surround yourself with a good support system (including me, i hope) to offer you encouragement, and who you can share your concerns, struggles, triumphs and feelings with about the whole process. I have a great support base of family and friends (both near and far) who send their love to me. But I have done the majority of my training alone. This was fine in the beginning, but after about 6 weeks - it got kinda lonely and was very hard to push myself like I need to.

This is a very physical process, but it also seems to be a very emotional one too. I am sorting through thoughts and feelings that I've not really had to deal with in over 15+ years. To have an outlet for it all is so important. You might consider starting your own blog. :)

Friend, i hope to hear from you again. Let's help one another to run with perseverance this race (any kind) that has been set before us and we have made the choice to journey. Thank you again for inspiring me.

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