Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to the Grind

A week ago, I injured my knee (slightly), so I took that week off from training - spent the day home on Friday to ice and elevate it. Went out this morning for the first time and while my knee was little tender when I began jogging, it eventually loosend up and didn't twinge quite as bad.

What caused my knee to rebel against me...? One day during a Taekwondo class, I attempted to do 'real' squats, which I know to be a no-no. Squats and lunges are my MORTAL ENEMY!!!! The up-down motion on my knee joints is painful, and while it feels good at the moment and I tuck my thumbs under my proverbial suspenders thinking I've just done this wonderous thing...I pay for it a few days after...not on a few occassions, but EVERY...SINGLE...TIME!!!

So, i'll continue to do isometric squats and lunges while the rest of my compatriots bob up and down. Perhaps one day, when I'm about 115 pounds lighter, maybe then I'll be able to do them.

Guess what?!? I bought a new pair of running shoes. The Nike Air Max Moto+7. It is suprisingly comfortable and feels good on my tootsies. It also opens up the option to use Nike+, which is a small device that fits in the shoe, under the insert. It provides training data, and can sync with my itouch.

However, these wonderful, beautifully new, super hot-looking shoes DEFINITELY need to be broken in. I walked in them today for the first time, and by the time I was done, i thought I would cry because the outstep of my foot ached so badly. I think this happens with most new shoes, and after about a week or so, i'll be just fine. But in the interim...GEEZ!

There are 67 days until the race. My self-motivation is wearing thin as of late. I'm finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning and walk/jog - especially during these wonderful, Florida humid months. i'm not giving up by any small stretch, I'm just sayin' it's gettin hard.

So I'm askin' you to help me keep running this race with perseverance.

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