Tuesday, July 6, 2010

60 Days and counting

Well, yesterday was the 2 month mark. Now is the time where my "focus needs more focus." No slacking, no whining, no more punkin' out.

I will admit, rather freely, that I am quite nervous at the thought that in 60 days...I'll be in mid-route journeying toward the finish line. I have NEVER done anything like this...done something that didn't hinge on my natural abilities and/or talents. There is always the through of "What if I fail?" or "What if I'm last?" I try and tell myself that it doesn't really matter - but deep down...it does.

When I think about some of my friends (both past and present) have accomplished - I feel like a slight underachiever. But I know I can't stay in that frame of mind, now can I? So, i will do my best to throw out the line of thinking...and work at persevering through this all the way to the finish line.

60 days and counting!

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  1. Hey Court!

    60 days huh? Wow! Just imagine where you were 60 days ago? You will do fine. I know this sounds all 'Oprah-ish' but be kind to yourself with training. You ought to visualize yourself crossing the finish line and celebrating.

    Also, actions are more indicative than anything. You would be an underachiever if you were not doing this. So while you may have internal doubts, your actions reflect somebody who is going to achieve.