Monday, June 21, 2010


So, yesterday (Sunday) I went on my jog/walk around the campus as I have been doing for the last few Sundays. The weather was actually kind to me. In the midst of dripping sweat, and feeling my calves becoming more defined - I let my mind wander.

The last 2 weeks have been less than motivational. I've skipped workouts and have really not bad much attention to the food and drinks I've put in my body.

I started thinking - and I can be fairly logical when I need to be (or when no one is looking)! :) If I am so stubborn and lazy to not really monitor my eating habits, then what is the point of working out?!? If I have a great morning run, but eat a greasy cheeseburger for NO other reason that I just wanted one...then all the sweat, tears, panting, burning, and sometimes limping have been voided out.

In the book of Romans, Paul talks about where sin and evil behavior increase, God's exention of grace increases all the more. But should we continue in wrong behaviors so that grace could increase? In other words, is grace a license to do wrong? Of course not. The same thing is true in my case - does working out more give me free reign to continue to make unhealthy choices...of course not.

Every time I make an unhealthy choice...a portion of my journey has become pointless. If my goal (aside from the half-marathon) is to become healthy and build good habits, working out alone will not do it. For me, there must be a conscious effort to choose the apple over the Hershey's bar, the salad over the burger, and the water over the endless IV of coffee and sodas.

I don't want my journey to become moot because I wanted to cheeseburger. I don't want all the hard work to be totally and completely pointless.

Please help me to run with true perseverance this race set before me - and to stay the course with diligence.

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  1. Courtney, I just read your entire blog from the beginning (and utterly did not work while at work for that time lol) and you have encouraged me so much. I haven't been to the gym in months, but I feel a need to sit down and make some goals and focus not only on getting healthy and being healthy, but on why I should get healthy. Not only is this about my personal choices, but also on making my body His temple. Thanks for the encouragement and keep it up! (I won't commit to it yet, but I am now contemplating doing a half marathon!) You rock!