Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Great start to Week 3

Well...technically yesterday started my week 3 of training, and my day of rest was good. But today was GRRRRREAT once I made the choice to get my rumpus out of beddus! I debated for about 15 minutes this morning on whether to do my training in the evening. But I knew that if I did that - i might not walk. And I thought about all those who have supported me thus far. So...I got up! :)

Today's schedule was to walk for 3o minutes. Instead...I jogged a mile in 15 minutes, went 1.86 miles in the 30 minutes, and my average pace time was 16:14. Plus, of the 30 minutes, I only walked 10 minutes of it.

However, my left knee is a little tender. So...I'm gunna start adding my knee exercises into my routine. For those who don't know, here is the knee set (to be done in succession to one another). While laying on your back (flat or propped up on your elbows), bend the right leg and extend the left. While lifting the left leg off the floor and flexing your foot toward your body, do the following:
  • trace the alphabet from A - Z (26)
  • make circles with your heal (25)
  • bend your leg toward your chest, then extend (but not fully) (25)
  • straighten left leg, and lift it up and down without the leg hitting the floor (25)

Repeat this sequence with the right leg. The goal would be to eventually do all 4 exercises with each leg without stopping. These exercises help to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee cap. Warning!!! these are hard as all get out, but SOOOOOOO beneficial.

Looking forward to tomorrow's training, and another opportunity to throw off all that could hold me back.

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