Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today...just Today!

Today I pushed myself a little harder than usual. I managed to jog out a mile in 14:23. Pretty sweet! My average pace time, though, went up a little - and my total distance went down, neither by a huge amount. Now I think what I need to work on is being able to maintain a 15-minute mile for more than just 15 minutes. I need to be able to maintain that speed while jogging for 20 minutes (at first). I'm pretty sure it will come.

If you had asked me, "Courtney, do you think you'll be able to run a 15-minute mile after just 2 full weeks of training?" I would have scoffed and come up with some whitty come back. But I've done it, not once, but twice.

Things are coming together: I've registered for the race in Virginia Beach and booked my hotel. I'll soon be booking my flight from JAX to VB. My training is consistant and my body is responding fairly well, I think. Some things I need to work on - in the midst of this success: I've increased my water intake, but need to lay off the coffee and sodas; less eating out, more veggies, and being consistant in incorporating strength training with my race training.

It's good to celebrate success, but I like to have new goals in my crosshairs.

Still runnin, tryin' to do it with perseverance.

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