Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Anonymous:

I have had several encouraging comments on this blog by Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. I completely understand if you would like to remain undisclosed. However, if you would like to make yourself known to me, and aren't exactly sure how to show your name...perhaps this link might help: How Do I leave a Comment? I myself had to read it so I could understand how commenting works.

If you would like to remain anonymous on the blog, but wouldn't mind letting me know who you are privately, please send me an email to

Your comments are so vital to me. I read them often. Please continue to send them.


  1. Dear Courtney, at this moment in time, I would like to stay anonymous. Just know that I beieve and have faith in you and everything you do! You are a strong lady and whether you or anyone else knows or believes this, I have in my years of knowing you, learned somethings for you! For example, when you set you heart, mind and soul to something, don't stop until you achieve them! I am so proud of you for doing this goal of yours and sticking with it! Just know that where ever you are, you have a cheerleader!!! @)--

  2. Dear Cheerleader: Your post made me smile. I hope to continue to hear from you. THank you so much for your support. I'm learning that this journey will never be complete until they day I see my Jesus face-to-face. So, until then - I will run with perseverance! Thank you again!