Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not as Fast...but Faster

Not as Fast as I would like, but Faster than ever before. At least this is how I felt this morning as I journeyed my very first consecutive 4-mile trek. I ran the first mile in 14:40, the first 3 miles in 50:19; total time, 1:07. It took me much shorter than I accepted and there's no doubt that those first 3 miles were MUCH easier than the previous 2 Sundays.

I wish I could just let my mind wander while I run, and not focus on the searing pain in my calves, back and sholders (none of which I'm terribly worried about, other than it's annoying)`. Maybe it will get easier...I sure do hope so.

I started at the FSU track, and there was a young man running on the far inside lane. He had such a beautiful kick...I dream of the day when I look that good. :)

During the last .75 miles, I felt a little lonely. I let the feeling come, started to jog - and then it passed. I knew I couldn't stop, I had to keep going.

We'll see this week holds. Let's keep running with perseverance this course we are on. :)

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  1. You're right Courtney, You can't stop! You've come to fair to quit now! Just remember God is jogging with you! He is on your side! You CAN do this!!
    -Your cheerleader @)----