Saturday, May 15, 2010

Training Day 6

Today's goal was to walk 30 mintues.

I've not been feeling 100% the last couple of days, and so I just wanted to stay home. But at 7:30 tonight, I pushed past the sickening feeling in my tummy, and went for a walk - totally convinced that my walk would make me feel better.

I began my walk and the next thing I knew...I'd hit the walkers groove. Arms swinging in graceful time with the opposite leg.

I exeeded my goal by 8 minutes - and tackled 2 miles. Of those 2 miles, i jogged 2 sets of .25 miles, 1 of which was at a 14:55 pace. I was quite pleased.

Working every day to run with perseverence this race that is ahead of me.


  1. Great Job! Keep up the good work. You have a wonderfully inspiring attitude. May God bless your journey with abundance.

  2. Awesome girl!!! I know that you can do it!